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The first ALARAMEET of the new century will be held at Murray Bridge, South Australia on October 5 and October 6, 2002.

The ALARAMEET 2002 Web Site has been designed to provide all of our members with the information they may need to plan their trip.For more information about ALARA, please visit the official ALARA WEB SITE .If you would like more details concerning the ALARAMEET 2002, please phone Jean Kopp ( Adelaide ) on 61 08 83220066 or send an email here .

To find out more about Murray Bridge, visit the Murry River web site. It contains a great deal of information on the venue for ALARAMEET 2002.

The ALARA banner is passed on
Bev, VK4NBC hands the ALARA banner to Jean, VK5TSX at the 1999 ALARA meeting in Brisbane

yl nets

  • OFFICIAL ALARA NET : Mondays, 3.580 ± UTC
  • VK6 ALARA NET : Mondays following the national net 3.580 ± 1200 UTC
  • YL222 DX NET : Mondays 14.222 call in from 0530 UTC
  • European YL DX NET : Thursdays 14.243 ± 1700 UTC
  • VE / VK / ZL NET : Fridays 14.148 0500 utc


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